Welcome, here you find the best electronic cigs brands and best vapor brends , such of them offer only electronic cigs as Cigees but here you find a best vapor kits too, such as Jacvapour, Truesmoke, Future Shisha and more and more.

The difirence of vapor kits and e cig kits is , the electronic cig looks like normal tobacco cig, maybe a little bigger then tobacco cig but the vapors can be bigger, with more powerfull batteries, contains a bigger liquid tanks and of course they give money savings too.

Important! we do not publish reviews about poor quality e cig or vapor kits, here is only the best of the best and more it`s not because we say that but that says a lot of happy customers too!

Ok, don`t waste you time, here it is what we have of best vaping products at the moment in 2016 january.

Best Electronic Vapors & Cig Kits

Jacvapour Electronic Cigarettes

jacvapour vgo2 starter kit

Jacvapour is a top electronic cigarette brand in UK that offers quality and affordable e-cig products and accessories. Jacvapour E-Cigs offers four basic types of starter kits:

  • Solo Starter Kits
  • V3i Starter Kits
  • VGO2 AND EGO Starter Kits
  • JAC 510 Twist and VGO2 VV Starter Kits

Jacvapour also offer a lot of vaping kits too, the best of them are Series-E and I assume that the new product from Jacvapour Series-B will gain even greater success then Series-E vaping kits now.

Jacvapour kits offers lots of options for both new and experienced e-cigarette vapers to enjoy pleasurable vaping. Items included in the starter kits offer ultimate convenience and power in e-cigarette vaping. You can find both automatic and manual e-cig batteries that range from 400mah to 1300mah. If you want a more battery performance them maybe you need think about jacvapour Series-E vaping kit, the series-e vaping kits offer a most powerfull battery of vaping kits in UK.

JAC Vapour flavours are grouped into three types – standard, UK made e-liquids and vapourless e-liquids:

  • Standard e-juice flavours include tobacco, mint, vanilla, watermelon, apple, cappuccino, and others.
  • UK made e-liquids are developed and manufactured in the laboratories that are based in UK.
  • Vapourless e-liquids produces minimum vapers but allow you to experience the same great throat hit and pleasure of other JAC Vapour e-liquids.

Jacvapour starter kit price range £19.99-£53.99 and Jacvapour cartridge equal to about 20 cigarettes cost £1.35.
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Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

apollo cigs

Apollo cigs offers a wide selection of e-cig accessories and items at extremely competitive prices, not only electronic cigs but electronic cigars too. Apollo offers 5 different types of starter kits:

  • Oracle-S Kit
  • Endeavour-X Kit
  • Extreme Starter Kit
  • Endeavour Starter Kit
  • VTube Kit v3.0

Apollo Oracle-S Kit is the cheapest of the lot. The e-cigarette starter kit is perfect for new vapors who want to jump-start their vaping journey with an affordable e-cigarette kit.

The Endeavour-X Kit is geared more towards intermediate users. The starter kit includes items similar to Oracle-S starter kit with the addition of a 10ml Apollo e-liquid vapour bottle.

Extreme Starter Kit comes packed with 2 batteries, 1 5-pack cartomizers, 1 USB charger, 1 wall adaptor, and 1 Car Charger. Endeavour starter kit contains 2 batteries, 2 EVOD clearomizers, 1 USB charger, 1 wall adaptor, 1 car charger, and 2 10ml Bottles of Apollo Liquid Vapour. As you can see there are a lot of options, just need to choice but here is more, the last most powerfull offer from Apollo, VTube Kit v3.0

VTube Kit v3.0 is the ultimate starter kit from Apollo that is ideal for professional vapors who want the most powerful vaping experience possible with an e-cigarette. The battery features variable wattage (VW) and variable voltage (VV) that provides more power for e-cig vapers.

About Apollo cigs flavours, you can select from an extensive assortment of e-juice flavours that range from traditional tobacco and mint flavours to such exotic flavours as pumpkin pie, pina colada, clove, green apple and even a blueberry coffee blend e-juice flavour. Personally I use tobacco flavour in most cases, somtimes blueberry flavour too. Read more Apollo key facts and full review.


Cigees Electronic Cigarettes

Cigees electronic cig kit

Cigees offer great cartridge quality and price, Cigees tobacco vapour tastes and feels like a real cigarette, if you search e cigarette who offer great price/quality option then Cigees is great choice for you. With the 240-mAh Cigees e-cig batteries, vapers can expect to get around 250 puffs from the e-cigarettes. This allows them to enjoy longer vaping sessions that enhance e-cigarette vaping experience.

Cigees starter kits come in the following four varieties:

  • Classic Kit
    Majestic Kit
    Break Free Kit
    CE5 Refiller Kit

The starter kits differ in terms of number of e cigarette batteries, e juice cartridges, and accessories that come included with the kit. Beginner vapers should consider buying the classic kit but Majestic and Break Free kits cater to vaping needs of professional vapers. The Cigees majestic kit comes with 2 e cig batteries, 5 flavoured cartridges, 1 USB charger, 1 Car charger and 1 Wall charger. While, Cigees break free kit comes packed with 3 e cig batteries, 12 tobacco and menthol flavoured cartridges, 1 USB charger, 1 Car charger, 1 Wall charger, and even a storage protective kit.

If you like vape other e juices then Cigees offer to you 14 flavours that range from traditional to truly exotic ones not found in other brands. Cigees cartridge equal to about 20 cigarettes cost £1.4 and starter kits price range £12 – £48.
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True Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

truesmoke design

Another of UK based industry that has established a good name for its own e-cigarette products among the e-cig vaping community is TrueSmoke. True Smoke offer a large various of starter kits, vapers can choose from among seven starter kits:

  • basic starter kit
  • eGo starter kit
  • eGo CE4 6 Starter Kit
  • EVOD starter kit
  • Herb Vaporizer Pen
  • Innokin iTaste MVP
  • SVP

TrueSmoke ranks high in the e-cig flavor variety also. One is able to choose from among lots of e-cig variants. Either you prefer the standard tobacco tasteor maybe you love to attempt exotic flavors for instance herbal multipack, Iron Brew, Watermelon, Cappuccino,etc.

The overall battery efficiency of TrueSmoke ranks high too. TrueSmoke batteries are longer lasting with superb quality. The batteries include value added capabilities that afford one full control over the vaping enjoyment.

True Smoke price range: 17.95-79.95 and Truesmoke clearomizer equal to 3 ml cost £4.95-£9.95.
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Future Shsiha Electronic Cigarettes

future shisha vapors

Future Shisha is one of the leading brands of e-cigarette in Ukand within a brief period of time, it has become relatively well-liked by the community of e-cig consumers. The UK brand provides different style e-cigarettes that is unlike any other. Future Shisha e-cigarettes have a distinctive stylish flair to them that makes it different from the crowd.

The e-cigarette brand of Future Shisha is of premium quality referred to as shisha (E-Shisha), shisha sticks and also shisha pens. It is really amazing to know that a wide variety of e-juices consisting of regular to very spectacular variants were used.

There are several types of e-cigarettes provided by Shisha like shisha sticks, shisha pens, shisha e-cigarettes, e-shisha pro. The Shisha sticks and Shisha Pens come in attractive array of colours. Shisha e-cigarette supports similar design to other e-cigarettes on the market. The varied colours of the e-cigarette allow people to customize their ecig experience.

Future Shisha company offers four types of e-cigarette starter kits.

  • Ego Shisha CE5 Stick
  • Ego Stick Digital
  • Electronic Shisha E-Cigarette Starter Kit
  • Electronic Shisha Pro

Ego Shisha CE5 stick comes with a rechargeable starter kit e-cigarette which provides impressive value for money.

Ego Stick Digital features a truly unique e-cigarette design. The e-cigarette is shaped like a highlighter or marker that fits effortlessly in pockets, purses and bags.

Digital Shisha E-Cigarette Starter Kit looks a lot like the traditional e-cigarettes. The starter kit comes with just the some accessories that one requires to have enjoyable vaping.

Digital Shisha Pro is the best starter kit of Future Shisha. However, it is not at all cheap; the robust e-cigarette is going to gratify vaping desires of most hard-core e-cigarettevapers.

Also Future Shisha have twenty delectable e-juice flavours. The wide range of e-cig variants provides an enjoyable drive from both classic as well as unique e-juices. The starter kit price range various: £12.00- £60.00 and cartridge cost £4.00-£10.00. If you interested more read here!