Epuffer vapours

Epuffer is an award winning , globally recognized electronic cigarettes designer and manufacturer. The company aims at revolutionalizing the smoking habits of 1 billion smokers around the world with a new , enhanced and lavishly designed electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, e-pipes and e-cigars. puffer also provides spare parts which help the reusability of product.


Jacvapour Series E Vaping Kits

vaping kit series e

At the moment the our top leader is Jacvapour Series E Vapor kit, Jacvapour have all key facts to be the top choice if you want get really quality vaping experience!

Jacvapour series e vaping kit will be great choice for the users of electronic cigarettes, they now have something to look forward to. JacVapour is a big name brand in the market of e-cigs, and with its latest range of products, they have proven once again that they are committed, reliable and creative.

Series E Vaping kit have the option between the standard eGo 510 battery typesor users can opt for the big as well as serious big battery mods, also new starter kits include several new features, which are more advanced compared to the advancements of the current battery design. Read more Series E vaping kit.


Future Shsiha Vape Pen

future shisha vapors

There are several types of e-cigarettes provided by Shisha like shisha sticks, shisha pens, shisha e-cigarettes, e-shisha pro. The products packaging also differ, giving an ideal mix of capability as well as beautiful designs.

Future Shisha offer: shisha sticks, shisha pens, shisha e-cigarettes, e-shisha pro. Packaging of these products differs offering a perfect blend of functionality and attractive design.

Future Shisha sticks and Shisha Pens come in attractive array of colours. Shisha e-cigarette supports similar design to other e-cigarettes on the market. Design of Shisha e-cigarette package is similar to a pack of conventional cigarette.

Future Shisha offer 20 delicious e-juice flavours. The wide selection of e-cig flavours will offer you a delicious ride through both traditional and truly exotic e-juices. Read more Future Shisha Vape Pens.

Truesmoke Vape

truesmoke design

TrueSmoke is the latest UK e-cig company that began business in 2011. The fact is TrueSmoke e-cigs are targeted more towards heavy smokers who are more interested in the “throat hit” – ultimate pleasure in ecig terminology – and long lasting e-cig sessions. Those vapers who are into ecig vaping to appear cool and suave should better look elsewhere.

TrueSmoke offers enough choices with e-cig starter kits. Vapers have the option of selecting from among seven starter kits. Equally, both a newbie smoker that may be switching over from standard cigarette smoking as well as the really serious smokers has gota suitable starter kit for their e-cigarette needs.

TrueSmoke scores full marks in the ecig flavor category as well. You can choose from among dozens of e-cig flavors. Whether you like traditional tobacco flavor, or like to try exotic flavors like Iron Brew, Cappuccino, Watermelon, herbal multipack, or skunk flavor if you dare. Read more about Truesmoke Vape.

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